Re: Out of order fossils

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 08:43:17 -0800

At 08:47 PM 2/17/99 +1000, Adam wrote in response to Karen:

>>I read about finds of centepedes, arachnids, and insect remains preserved
>>in exquisite detail in Devonian rock form upstate New York, "similar to
>>modern forms" (Science News 123:356-357, June 4, 1983) -- have these been
>>found to be contamination?
>Probably not. They are rather conservative groups with little pressure to
>change grossly beyond their standard forms, so similar is no surprise at

Adam, you must know this terminology (..rather conservative... ...little
pressure...) is standard ( and meaningless) description of what is observed
as if it had explanatory value. Please explain why you think this group is
"conservative" (and don't tell me its because they are the same today as in
the Devonian), and why you think there is "little pressure" on them. Thanks.