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Mon, 15 Feb 1999 14:10:29 -0500

Must we know about galaxies, quasars, atoms, molecules, quarks, etc. to be
amazed of the creation? Must we know all about human reproductive systems to
be amazed at the virgin birth? Let us not be fooled by our present
knowledge. If our knowledge does not humble us, then we will be cursed by

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Howard Van Till writes:

> 3. Let me try something a bit more provocative. Perhaps it is high time
> that we Christians also consider that the Scriptures were written within
> the limits of the human knowledge of the writers. Not only were their
> conceptual vocabularies limited by their placement in particular cultures=
> ,
> but their particular knowledge of the universe was limited by their
> placement in history. Hence we read nothing of galaxies, quasars, atoms,
> molecules, etc. Similarly, our finding nothing in the Scritpures about
> evolutionary development of life forms over billions of years should come=
> as no surprise whatsoever. =

I'm not disagreeing, but I would like to point out that Christians
have been considering such possibilities for quite a while now. It's
*evangelical* Christians (especially of an American flavor) who are
likely to find the above somewhat disturbing.

Steve Schaffner