Re: Fallwell (was: )

Howard J. Van Till (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 16:44:26 -0500

Ron Schooler asked:

"Dr. Van Til, how do you account for homosexuality within the gifted
creation? Is
it a part of the "gift" or a result of sin? What have you sceintists to say
about homosexuality and the Christian (as a scientist) response to it?"

Making no pretense to have the final answer.... I would say that, given
the full spectrum of gifts that the Creation has been provided with,
homosexuality is one potentiality that is likely to be actualized. I
presume it appeared in the animal world long before the presence of humans
capable of conscious disobediance. If that is the case, then our response
needs to be guided both by such scientific knowledge and by our calling to
love God above all, and our neighbor as ourselves.

Howard Van Till

PS: I will be off line for nearly a week.