Re: Falwell (was: )

rschooler (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 11:23:22 -0800

Is not the real question whether or not a child watching Tinky Winky on TV or
playing with the action figure is going to be influenced to be gay? Is sexual
orientation formed this way? (It seems to me that Falwellites believe it to be

I guess that another issue is that of acceptance of gay persons as ok people in
our circle of friends. If Tinky is liked and appreciated then we may accept real
gay people as friends and coworkers.

Dr. Van Til, how do you account for homosexuality within the gifted creation? Is
it a part of the "gift" or a result of sin? What have you sceintists to say
about homosexuality and the Christian (as a scientist) response to it?

Ron Schooler
Los Angeles
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