Re: Re; Grapenuts, anyone?

Robin Mandell (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:06:00 -0600

Hey List,
I take it the whole Sabbath and creation bit didn't interest anyone as much
as me. I hope all this empirical stuff doesn't stunt your imagination.
If know one can seem to weave ideas like God's hand or His rest into their
"science" than I suspect that "science" may be be in danger of becoming a
flat description of something that so far exceeds this flat language that
it shall bore me. That would be sad. So many of you have so much
fascinating details. We poor layman need more writers and thinkers that can
infuse the data with wonder the same way Dawkins infuses it with bleakness.
I don't know yet as to literal or not-descent or not but wonder and meaning
and symbolism I guarantee no matter who is got the details right. I never
did like grapenuts. They are dull.

As far as American flavored evangelicals I think I still might qualify and
I could go either way on the Genesis bit if that cheers you up any.