Re: Grapenuts, anyone?

Thu, 11 Feb 1999 13:26:09 -0800 (PST)

Howard Van Till writes:

> 3. Let me try something a bit more provocative. Perhaps it is high time
> that we Christians also consider that the Scriptures were written within
> the limits of the human knowledge of the writers. Not only were their
> conceptual vocabularies limited by their placement in particular cultures=
> ,
> but their particular knowledge of the universe was limited by their
> placement in history. Hence we read nothing of galaxies, quasars, atoms,
> molecules, etc. Similarly, our finding nothing in the Scritpures about
> evolutionary development of life forms over billions of years should come=
> as no surprise whatsoever. =

I'm not disagreeing, but I would like to point out that Christians
have been considering such possibilities for quite a while now. It's
*evangelical* Christians (especially of an American flavor) who are
likely to find the above somewhat disturbing.

Steve Schaffner