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Dear Chuck,

One should never trade accuracy for expediency. I myself use the term

Take care,


P.s. If you have a list of the names of great scientist who were also
Christians, I would greatly appreciate it.

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...but it's OK to pick on the poor, misunderstood grapenut?? ;-) (Sorry,
could not resist that one)

On a more serious note, now that you've brought up Christian Scientists, I
have difficulty coming up with a terse description of
"scientists-who-are-Christian." The most obvious term would, of course, be
"Christian scientists" but that term has been allocated to a sect already
(and let's not get into the details of "sect" and "cult" here).

The reason for my question is that I teach an introductory science course at
a Christian college and often refer to scientists who are Christian.

Any suggestions?

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> Grapenut is/was the brand name of a cereal--breakfast food--in the USA.
> I
> could have used the example of Christian Science---which is neither
> Christian nor Science---but I did not want to be disrespectful to
> Christian
> Scientists.
> Moorad
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> | Christians who use evolution create a hybrid which is like grapenut,
> | neither grape nor nut.
> What is a grapenut? I could not find it in my dictionary.
> Stein
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