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Yes, but look at how many calendars there are now that put Sunday as the
last day of the week and how many people say "have a nice weekend" on
Saturday evenings. Would this mean that "modern society" is now reverting
back to a (6+1) or (5+2) week instead of a (1+6) or a (1+5+1) week? Would
you so far to say that we should only have one day of rest (Saturday or
Sunday) and "labour" the other six days (and I don't mean washing the car,
mowing the lawn, or painting the house [we can do that in the evening], but
go back to the 48+-hour work week?

I think not.

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> >I have only thought of it as a metaphor upto now. Watchman Nee in one of
> >his books points out that God worked for siz days and rested. We, on the
> >other hand begin with God's rest from which we begin to work. Similar to
> >Dick Fisher's comment that God has moved from creation to redemption.
> Like everything else humanity has touched, we have managed to corrupt
> God's
> plan on this one too!
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