evolution and the sabbath

Robin Mandell (rmandell@jpusa.chi.il.us)
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 20:33:39 -0600

Hey asa list where did everybody go! It is too quiet. Luckily I found this
breathe taking thought provoking post on the evolution list.O.k I also
wrote it. For those who are on both lists two gems like this on the same
day...all I can say is your welcome.

>To: evolution@calvin.edu
>>From: andrew <amandell@mail.jpusa.net>
>>Subject: evolution and the sabbath
>>Hello List,
>>Just wondering if anyone who using evolution as their working theory right
>now has ever thought about God's "seventh day" rest and evol. mechanism.
>Whether you go with the literal or non-literal Genesis it seems that God's
>rest must be more some sort of change in the whole scene. A snoozing of
>mutation rates? A tendency to macrostasis? (not a word but I think it
>looks cool) Maybe I alone find this interesting but I thought I see if
>anyone else had ever wondered. I also did the numerical codes on Dawkin's
>Blind Watchmaker. Here are the
>results-000000000000000000000000000....(reactionary nonscientist humor)