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Allan Harvey (
Tue, 09 Feb 1999 15:01:08 -0700

At 04:38 PM 2/9/99 -0500, American Scientific Affiliation wrote:
>Dear ASA listservers,
>My recollection is that some of you said that the story below is apocryphal
>and I told Deb that. If that is inaccurate or you want to substantiate my
>recollection to her, please drop Deb and I a line. It sounds like a great
>story but almost too good to b e true.
> Blessings,
> Don Munro

Yes, this is a known hoax. The following two essays on the Web (the
second of which I wrote) have more information:

The spread of such legends by Christians (other examples include the
"sailor swallowed by a whale", the Procter & Gamble satanism rumor, and
various falsehoods spread by the "creation science" movement such as the
"moon dust" story) should be opposed, because we dishonor the Gospel when
we associate it with lies.

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