Preaching to te Choir
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 09:07:13 -0500

In the Jan 25, 1999 issue of Chemical and Engineering News was a letter by
J. Richard Mayer from Western Washington University. He was responding to
another letter one month earlier that had attacked "creationists" as those
who fear, misunderstand and hate science and would seek with all their power
to derail it.

His reponse was as thoughtful as it was theistic. I'll quote just tow
paragraphs from his letter:

"I believe in a Creator who fashioned and set in motion our world
and universe. I don't believe in Archbishop Ussher's
biblical chronoology placing the date of creation at 4004 BC.
Nor do I believe the God made all that we see around
us in six days, at least nor as we presently define a 24 hour day.
but given the scope of geologic time, which any
reasonable reading of the Bible allows, nothing known to science
rules out a creation in which biological natural
selection plays an important part.

Let's not overlook the fact that throughout history, millions (at
least) of intelligent, reasoned, informed people - including
scientists - have believes and still believe in a Creator...

Many, including me, would suggest that this "power explanatory
scheme" is the work of a wise, omnipotent and
beneficient Creator whose essence is reflected in scriptures and in
nature itself."

How many of us have the courage to post such a letter to the journals that
our unbelieving colleages read ? Many times I have thought of sending a
letter clearly stating the theistic conclusions one can draw from the Big
Bang to Sky and Telescope (I realize that S&T is not where the action is,
but it is widely read). It is far easier and safer to preach to the choir.

Al McCarrick