RE: Legend... an Origins solution?

Robin Mandell (
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 19:32:41 -0600

Hi Adam,
This Pellegrino fellow backs up the mid 1600's Theran bomb with ice strata
dating(one layer from 16something having acidic content, abnormal
tree rings in Ireland in 1620s,bristlecone pines in california with ice
scars in 1627,and chinese scribes in emperor Chieh's describing weather
problems in 1627 that sound to Pellegrino as volcano induced.

Does that all bear on the book by Rohl. I was not amped on the results for
the bible in Pellegrinos conclusions but I guess we are not voting.
Hope this fits the discussion. The three archeology books I read this month
is the sum total of my vast Knowledge. I am seeking the ones you suggested.