RE: Science and the New Presbyterian Catechism

McCarrick, Allan (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 09:46 EST


I had never heard of "The Study Catechism," but did some searching. It
can be found at

More reformed references concerning the historic and current discussions
with the Presbyterian church can be found at the Center for Reformed
Theology and Apologetics web site:

The PCA denomination, of which I am a member, formed a committee last
year to determine whether the PCA should have an explicit stand on the
age of earth/length of day issue. One (or maybe two) local presbyteries
had decided not to ordain any person not holding to the young earth/144
hour creation view. I believe this might have included ruling as well as
teaching elders (pastors). I am watching my denomination's process with
great interest.

There is something called "The Westminster Confession of Faith, An
authentic Modern Version." I've never seen it, and would like to. This
may be connected to your "Study Catechism"

The original Westminster Confession, chapter IV states:

"It pleased God...,in the beginning, to create, or make out of nothing,
the the space of six days; and all very good"

The use of "six days" is used to clearly mean normal 24 hour days (in my
opinion). No reference to when these occurred, or if they were back to
back is offered. I understand that a common opinion being fought against
at that time was the notion of instantaneous creation (as opposed to our
problems with too much time).

Al McCarrick