Re: Rationale Method for identifying supernatural

David Campbell (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 14:11:17 -0400

I'm not sure who was being quoted here...
>>Your example is hypothetical. It is also possible that one night
>>I look up in the sky and the stars have been moved so that they
>>spell the word "God". I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that
>>god exists in either case, although I would certainly consider it
>>more likely than I do now.

There is an open star cluster that appears to spell "HI". However,
although everyone should be aware of God from both the evidence of creation
(not gaps) and conscience (Rm. 1:18ff), trying to reach useful conclusions
about God apart from His self-revelation in Scripture is unlikely to be
very productive. His wisdom, power, and provision can be seen in nature
(e.g., being able to plan and carry out the creation of the present
diversity of organism using such seemingly simple means as mutation and
natural selection), but what we are to believe about God and what our
obligations are to Him are only found in Scripture.

David C.