Re: Evolutionary mechanism GOOD??

George Murphy (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 08:18:39 -0500

Mark Phillips wrote:
> > > It is one thing to say that all this pain and suffering we observe is
> > > the result of the fall. It is quite another thing to say that this
> > > "life", and the creation of it, is precisely what God refered to as
> > > "good".
> > >
> > > Would anyone with a Evolutionary Creationist perspective care to
> > > answer the above objection?
> >
> > My ride to the airport will be arriving soon & I've still got
> > to get dressed! So quickly, take a look at the exchange between
> > myself and Fred Van Dyke in the March & June 1986 Journal of the
> > American Scientific Affiliation) (now Perspectives o n Science &
> > Christian Faith) - one piece by each of us in each issue. In his 2d
> > he raise s some of the same claims you do & I respond (successfully
> > I think!).
> Thanks. Any ideas on the best way to access this journal? Is it
> on the web anywhere? Is it at many libraries? (I live in Australia
> so I imagine it might be difficult to get hold of???)

Mark & others who've indicated an interest in the articles noted above:
I don't know much about the accessibility of issues of _Journal of the American
Scientific Affiliation_ that far back. Someone more familiar than I with web resources
(which isn't hard!) may be able to help. The exact references (all to that journal,
which is now _Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith_) are:
Fred Van Dyke, "Theological Problems of Theistic Evolution", 38.1, 1986,
George L. Murphy, "A Theological Argument for Evolution", 38.1, 1986, pp.19-26.
George L. Murphy, "Chiasmic Cosmology: A Response to Fred Van Dyke", 38.2,
1986, pp.124-126.
Fred Van Dyke, "Response to George L. Murphy: A Theological Argument for
Evolution", 38.2, 1986, 126-128.
As a last resort - if you can't locate these anywhere, email me at my raex
address, giving me your snailmail one, & I'll send you copies - though it may take
awhile. I'm going to be getting off this list in a couple of days because of my
departure for study leave, & anything posted to the asa list won't get to me for the
next few months.

George L. Murphy