Re: Evolutionary mechanism GOOD??

Robin Mandell (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 13:26:53 -0600

At 08:59 PM 1/5/99 PST, Adam Crowl wrote:
>Hi Group,
>Just a quick reply...
>Why do we persist in assuming that the meaning of the Hebrew word for
>"good" maps one-to-one with our understanding of the word? We load a lot
>of assumptions into our arguments by such an assumption. Ancient
>commentators have translated "good" as "whole"/"ordered whole" which
>gives a whole new slant to the issue.
I see your point here and mostly agree but my emotions over ride when I
read of things like the brutal behavior of chimpanzees(warring,eating
babies...) A book I just read paints the descendants of mitochondrial "Eve"
wiping out Homo Erectus to secure the land. If this is part of God's hand
making man it seems
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