haldane's dilemma

Robin Mandell (rmandell@jpusa.chi.il.us)
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 17:55:43 -0600

Hi list,
I am reading this book THE BIOTIC MESSAGE by ReMINE and was a little over
my head
in this section on Haldane's dilemma. I am hoping this is something more
to you all than it obviously is to me. The author seems to feel that both
selection and neutral evolution can't overcome the "reproductive cost" of
mutations and such. neutral evolution needs such a high mutation rate that
"error catastrophe" is the outcome. My problem is besides taking
agricultural mechanics rather than biology in school is that the
explanations are full of math that I don't get thus I am unable to evaluate
his logic. IS this a familiar arguments to someone ? As a side question
though it is related does the Human Genome folks know what percent of the
genome is expressed? This
book suggests 9-27 percent but is written in 1993.