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Terry M. Gray (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 10:39:32 -0700

Here, here to Ted's appeal to the 19th/early 20th (and perhaps earlier)
solutions to the faith/science problems. One of my excuses for not
attempting to publish in this area is that I don't really think that I have
anything to say that hasn't been said before. This isn't to say that those
things don't need to be said again since we continue to hash over the same
ground that in my opinion has been more or less definitively treated. As
many of you know, I'm personally fond of the Old Princeton response to old
earth geology and evolutionary theory in the works of Charles Hodge, B.B.
Warfield, A.A. Hodge, J.G. Machen and I'll throw in Abraham Kuyper as well
even though he's from another world. Ted's mention of Asa Gray is
especially worth noting. Even Charles Hodge who declared that Darwinism is
atheism could tolerate Gray's evolutionary creation.

I highly recommend Mark Noll's works on these Princeton guys. There is his
*The Princeton Theology* (an anthology that includes much on science and
scripture) and the reprint of *What Is Darwinism?* and other essays on
evolution by C. Hodge. Supposedly coming out soon is a similar collection
of essays on evolution by B.B. Warfield. Some of this material is cited in
my failed appeal in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church concerning certain
evolutionary questions at

Concerning Mark Phillips' request concerning libraries worldwide that
subscribe to JASA/PSCF. There is a list on the internet at


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