Re: Genesis Question

McCarrick, Allan (
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 09:44 EST


I would disagree with your putting Hugh and your amazing story of
nuttiness into the same boat.

I agree that too many apologists are really off in left field, drawing
scorn and disdain from those outside the church. (Sadly, some see the
criticism as proof that they are doing God's work !) I agree too that
within the church, those who question the "party line" may be branded

Ross seems to be more toward our "heretical" side of the street. He has
a message with much good. Here may be the rub: Has he become
disconnected from valuable criticism ? Each of us is capable of only
seeing what we want to see, unless someone occasionally slaps us around
(lovingly, of course). As Richard Fienmann (sp) once said, "The easiest
person to fool is yourself."

The question I ask myself is whether a little error makes the whole
ministry of no value ? I know Solomon said that just a few flies spoil
the perfume, and the old saw that "you can't be just a little pregnant."
Francis Schaeffer used to talk about being "co-billigerents" with those
that we may disagree with.

I was attracted to Reason To Believe because Ross seemed to take current
astronomy seriously and us it correctly (I believe) to demonstrate the
necessary origin of the universe in finite time. There's much to be said
for the specially designed nature of our world that should be used to
point minds/hearts toward God.

Al McCarrick