Genesis Question

McCarrick, Allan (
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 08:23 EST


Its good to hear from you again, even if its just a short visit.

Concerning Ross's new book,

I'm still continuing through Reasons to Believe apologitics audio course.
I have expressed my frustration in this forum with Ross's absolute
certainty regarding every single point he makes - whether the disproof of
the cosmological constant, the zero number of new animal species produced
over the last 10,000 years, or the abrupt appearance of "spiritual man"
about 60,000 years ago...

Everything is black and white. And in every case science as of 1995 is
100% in favor of the Christians !

In addition, Hugh seems to take every opportunity to pat physicists on
the back as being good at solving tough problems, and to hint that
biologists just aren't very good at math ! otherwise they all would have
distanced themselves from Darwinism long ago.

I believe that in the arena of large group apologetic the only message
that sells is a DEFINITE one. No troubling doubts left over. "We've
proved the Bible right !" Now I believe that we should expect the
Bible's statements to be gradually demonstrated.

I'm sure that many have come to the gospel in part by Ross's work, but
will those people who were attracted by all those clear proofs, be
discouraged (like Glenn was) when they face a much more muddy world ?

Al McCarrick