RE: Accelerating Expansion of the Universe

Vandergraaf, Chuck (
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 13:45:53 -0500

I think that Chris Root has put his finger on an important aspect of
all this talk about the Apocalypse. He states " I've sat through several
Bible studies on the book of Revelation from that perspective and the
question always arises ... what
> about the United States? how do we figure in end time prophecy? perhaps
> theanswer is that we simply don't, because we are by that time no longer
> much of a world power."
A lot of the supposedly bible-based "prophesies" seem to center on
the situation in North America, or at least in the Western World. Modern
day "prophets" look at the apparent increase in violence in the US as a
precursor to the "tribulation" while forgetting that Christians in China,
Sudan, India, Pakistan, Russia, etc., etc. have had to endure their own
"tribulation" of sorts. I think it is high time that we recognize this
Western-centered fixation for what it is.

A thought occurred to me on my drive in to work this morning. With
all the talk about the Y2K problem causing the end of society and of
civilization and the attempts to link the Y2K problem with the return of our
Lord, would it not be ironic if Christ returned, say, in 1999 September,
like "a thief in the night" just to show us that we know neither the day or
the time of His returning?

Chuck Vandergraaf
Pinawa, MB