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Chris Root (
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 12:52:14 -0500

Hi, all,
It's been a long time since I've contributed to this list, but I have been
"out here watching" so to speak.

>Is the Millennium Bug going to be the trigger to the Apocalypse? Or is
>it another over hyped portent? Just like those earthquakes everyone
>"knows" are on the increase?

It is no over hyped portent, that I can assure you after months of intense

>It's funny but I just can't seem to pick up a reference in Revelation to
>global computer havoc...

However, there are plenty of references throughout Scripture of God's
judgment being meted out. While I no longer consider myself a
dispensationalist, I've sat through several Bible studies on the book of
Revelation from that perspective and the question always arises ... what
about the United States? how do we figure in end time prophecy? perhaps the
answer is that we simply don't, because we are by that time no longer much
of a world power. As technology dependent as we are today, the bug could
just do us in...

>Still got some Christmas cheer running through your veins Dick?
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>PS The end of the World has been predicted more often and in more
>contexts than can be counted on the fingers and toes of the Mormon
>Tabernacle Choir. Why the Bug?

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