Re: Accelerating Expansion of the Universe

Moorad Alexanian (
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 16:05:59 -0500 (EST)

At 07:23 AM 12/27/98 -0500, wrote:
>Most of you have undoubtedly read the newly discovered finding that the
>expansion of the universe is accelerating. The report "Cosmic Motion
>Revealed" in _Science_ (18 Dec., 1998, p. 2156-7) states, "not only is there
>too little matter in the universe to ever halt the expansion on its own, but
>the outward motion appears to be speeding up, not slowing down" (p. 2156).
>The article goes on to say, "The implications are so profound and unsettling
>that astronomers around the world are still trying to disprove the finding, to
>uncover anything that could create a false impression of cosmic acceleration.
>To date they have been unsuccessful" (p. 2156).
>_Science News_ (Dec. 19 & 26, 1998, pp. 392-4) states, "The expansion of the
>universe accelerates rather than slows down" (p. 394).
>Assuming that these findings hold up over time, what are we as Christians to
>make of them? What are their theological implications, if any? Do they have
>any special meanings for us?
>Does any one have any thoughts on these matters?
>Thanks for your responses.
>Best wishes for a blessed New Year to all.

Our university library is closed and will have to wait till it opens to read
the article. However, for us Christians it does not mean much whether the
universe will "forever" expand or not. We live in a dying body, what is the
difference if we live in a dying universe? It does not seem that God dwells
in the universe and so the place the Lord is making for us must certainly
lie outside the physical universe. Instead of worrying of the missing mass,
we Christians ought to be worrying of missing Mass.