Re: evolution method

Tim Ikeda (
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 00:31:52 -0500

Hello Mark,
You wrote:
> 4. NON-GRADUALISTIC MECHANISMS. It is my understanding that various
> non-gradual mechanisms to explain sudden changes in the fossil record
> have been proposed. These do not, I believe, belong to the Darwinian
> stable of explanation because the Neo-Darwinian explanation of why
> genetics is able to produce the changes we see is that the
> evolutionary mechanisms involved have had such long time periods over
> which to operate.

Actually, it is not at all clear that Neo-Darwinian mechanisms
preclude "punc-eek"-style events. ...If that's what you meant by
"non-gradual". But you are right that non-Darwinian, naturalistic
explanations might also be considered.

I do agree with earlier statements that the record of common descent
could have supernatural and/or natural mechanisms behind it. Similarly,
the regular disappearance of my car keys at times when I urgently need
to be somewhere else might have supernatural causes as well. Personally,
I'm interested in how one might be able to differentiate the possible
causes of events.

That there are "supernaturalists" emerging from the "creationary pack"
such as Behe who also seem to accept the evidence for common descent
makes me feel that at least some progress in a positive direction is
being made.

Tim Ikeda (despam address before use)