Re: Second law of thermodynamics

Karen G. Jensen (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 17:17:43 -0600

>Allan Harvey wrote:
>> Examples of "good" natural processes that were clearly around in
>> pre-Fall times where entropy is particularly prominent are the digestion
>> of food and the operation of the sun.
>To illustrate this point further, a few more easy-to-understand examples
>help. Example: when the scent of a flower diffuses into the air, entropy
>increases. This is true of any scent. Does anyone doubt that animals
>had noses before the Fall?
>Loren Haarsma

I wouldn't doubt that diffusion happened before the Fall.

The 2nd Law describes decrease in order (tho who is to say that a shared
scent is not more "orderly" than a confined one?).

Decay is not the only process that decreases "orderliness", although it is
very prominent in our fallen decaying world.

The curse (decrease in the blessing of God) allowed decay, increasing
disorder vastly, with less thorough regenerative cycles.

Thermodynamics, including 2nd Law, was real from the beginning. The main
thing is that it precludes any overall increase in order.