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George Murphy (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 06:33:07 -0500

Robin Mandell wrote:
> > O.k. In light of Darwinism being "in" help me out on this. Take one
> species, say a giraffe. In what way did God create it. Did He guide the
> environment, pre-program the nuetral mutations,directly "cause" a
> punctuated leap or sit back and let it go creating by advanced splatter
> paint. Did he form the concept of "giraffe" after he saw it form outside of
> time? Is there a sense of undetermined in: God said be - then he saw and it
> was o.k.Was there any wonder in God between the saying and the existing?
> Do you follow me on that end part?

Briefly (since I've got to disconnect temporarily for a move), I think God is
involved in all the processes of evolution. & since those processes, according to
quantum & chaos theories, aren't strictly determined, neither is God's operation through

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