Re: Science and eschatology

George Murphy (
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 13:05:22 -0500

Loren Haarsma wrote:

> I agree with David. Whether the ultimate fate of the cosmos is freeze
> or fry, this cosmos is finite. I don't see any challenge there to
> Christian theology. Indeed, the fact that this creation is finite
> (temporally) fits right in with revelation. God's promise of eternal
> life is to be fulfilled a new creation, not this one.

Care is needed with the statement that our universe is temporally finite.
In some models of both "freeze" & "fry" variety" there is the possibility for infinite
processing of information, thus an unlimited number of "thoughts", & thus in a carefully
defined sense "eternal life" (which is not, of course, necessarily the same as Christian
concepts of eternal life in fellowship with God, judgment upon evil & vindication of
good &c). Tipler in particular has exploited this possibility for a closed universe.
The fact that some of his ideas are bizarre shouldn't prejudice us against the fact that
some of them may be useful.

George L. Murphy