Re: Re: Re: Evolution appears fulfilled

David Campbell (
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 15:01:29 -0400

>>>>This suggests that if evolution has a goal it would be to generate all the
>>>>diversity possible, given carbon-based life. Has that goal been reached?
>>>>Denton thinks so.
>>I do not think so, based on diversity curves. After extinctions, the
>>diversity of organisms tends to show a gradual rise. Cenozoic glaciations
>>have occurred too frequently to allow these curves to level off before the
>>next extinction, at least for shallow-water mollusks in the northwest
>Are you being picky? Someone could demand lemurs of every color of the rainbow
>but diversity could be reasonably fulfilled without them.

Sorry, I was not very clear. The numbers of species keep increasing until
there is an extinction. If the diversity had reached a maximum, I would
expect the number to level off.

David C.