Re: Re: Re: Evolution appears fulfilled

Robin Mandell (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 20:17:40 -0600

At 02:32 PM 12/17/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>I think I disagree. We describe certain things as higher in form or more
>>sophisticated and other terms. What if these concepts exist on there own
>>somehow outside of just biological human earth talk.Could a "spiritual"
>>being like man not be in tune to
>>those kind of things. I could imagine seeing a painting that contained no
>>blank spaces
>>and discern something missing. I know I am in nebulous land I was hoping to
>>find some concrete. If only Plato were here.
>Higher requires a comparison. If we did not have more modern forms to
>compare with the older, we would not know that there was somewhere else to
I am not satisfied at all but since I can't formulate what I am thinking
clearly and
can't find a logical ground to fight from I surrender.... for now.

>>>This suggests that if evolution has a goal it would be to generate all the
>>>diversity possible, given carbon-based life. Has that goal been reached?
>>>Denton thinks so.
>I do not think so, based on diversity curves. After extinctions, the
>diversity of organisms tends to show a gradual rise. Cenozoic glaciations
>have occurred too frequently to allow these curves to level off before the
>next extinction, at least for shallow-water mollusks in the northwest
Are you being picky? Someone could demand lemurs of every color of the rainbow
but diversity could be reasonably fulfilled without them.