RE: new method of evolutionary change

Behnke, James (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 13:36:56 -0500

> >>I think God directly controls everything. For example, He is no less
> >>involved if I let go of a rock in midair and it falls to the floor than
> if
> >>it were to remain hovering without support. The vast majority of the
> time,
> >>He follows certain patterns in how He runs nature. These patterns are
> what
> >>we try to describe as natural laws. Miracles are when He does not
> follow
> >>these patterns because of some more important factor, such as revelation
> of
> >>His nature to humans. I do not see any particular evidence that He did
> not
> >>stick with patterns in the process of creeating life. The evidence
> neither
> >>requires nor rules out miracles in the process, but He seems to use them
> >>only when necessary, and I do not believe that they were needed for
> >>physical creation, except at some point in the very beginning when
> creation
> >>was started. I do not know enough physics to guess at what point this
> >>beginning would have been.
> >Here I am struggling. What do you mean by "directly controls everything.
> >Like if God were to blink it would all be up for grabs in the natural law
> >scene? Seems like God's goodness and other concepts get a bit strange if
> >God's will actively holds bullets on their course. What about the brain
> of
> >man? How could freedom exist? Have I missed something? On the other hand
> if
> >God sets it up and lets it go then some of what you describe like
> "unequal
> >crossing over" and even mutation begin to sound less like a creative act
> >and more like accidents. Any guidance here?
> My inclination is rather Calvinistic, so I am not too bothered with
> limiting freedom. Any Arminians wish to take a stab at an explanation?
> God's blinking, if it were not contrary to His nature, would eliminate the
> universe, including the natural laws.
I am not as hard-core Arminian as I used to be, but I don't have any
problem with the statement. Others here at Asbury might disagree.

Jim Behnke, Asbury College, Wilmore, KY 40390