Re: Second law of thermodynamics

Allan Harvey (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 08:19:14 -0700

Since people are replying to this on list (and I agree with the 3 I've
seen so far), I'll paste in a copy of what I mailed to the original
questioner yesterday:

>Some of this is dealt with in an essay I wrote called "The Second Law of
Thermodynamics in the Context of the Christian Faith," which is on the Web at:
>To sum up on your question, the Second Law, as a fundamental part of the
way nature works (like the First Law or gravity), is a part to some
extent in pretty much everything that goes on in nature now, at least
most of which we have no reason to believe did not also happen in the
Garden. Examples of "good" natural processes that were clearly around in
pre-Fall times where entropy is particularly prominent are the digestion
of food and the operation of the sun.

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