Re: Evolution appears fulfilled

Robin Mandell (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 17:53:40 -0600

At 01:49 PM 12/15/98 GMT, you wrote:
> >I remember reading somewhere the idea that evolution is "slowing down" in
>the sense that the major body plans were laid down very early, and
>diversification has been within those plans. As time progressed the
>variation became more and more restricted until we find that now not
>a great deal happens except for "trifling losses and gains at the species
>level" (I think that was the expression used - I'm not sure now if the
>statement was that it has already reached that stage, or appears to be
>headed in that sort of direction.) Is that the sort of thing that Robin
>had in mind when he posed the question? What do others think?
Yes that sort of thing would be up the alley I am searching. If you
remember where you saw it laid out let me know. Would everyone listening
agree with the above.