Re: Re: Evolution appears fulfilled

Robin Mandell (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 08:57:24 -0600

At 06:59 AM 12/16/98 EST, you wrote:
>On 12/15/98 I wrote,
><<>Thus Simpson could say, Man is the result of a purposeless and
>>process that did not have him in mind. He was not planned. He happens to
>>represent the highest form of organization of matter and energy that has
>>ever appeared In another place he wrote, Evolution has no purpose; man
>>must supply this for himself (Simpson, G. G., 1949. The Meaning of
>>Evolution. The Yale University Press. New Haven.)
>In a message dated 12/15/98 10:46:16 PM, KEITH MILLER wrote:
><<By this statement you deny the possibility of theistic evolution. I
>believe that God is in control of _all_ natural processes. If God
>controls the casting of lots, or tomorrow's weather, then on what basis can
>you state that God cannot control and direct to his purpose evolutionary
>You have accepted a definition of evolution given to us by non-theists. This
>allows the atheist to control the debate and determine the agenda.>>
>MY REPLY: Sorry, I did not give the complete quotation from Robin Mandell.
>Here it is:
>"To me it seems like evolution has reached its goal. Not that change has
>ceased or nothing is adapting but more like a general plan has reached
>fulfillment. It's not like I can't imagine anything more it is something
>else. Like a great painting you can imagine a hundred additions but you
>know it is done. _Putting the creation story aside,_ does observation of the
>past and the present look like that to anyone else or am I just looking at
>this through my prejudice."
>Robin asked for a non-theistic answer. That is what I gave.
>Best regards,
>I think really what I meant by leaving aside the creation story was not a
non-theistic answer as much as to discuss the idea for a bit outside of
what scripture has revealed. I think theistic dimensions are neccessary as
they are real.
sorry for my continued " that's not what I meant"
from Andrew
(who secretly uses his wife's name Robin to add even more confusion)