Re: Evolution appears fulfilled

George Murphy (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 12:29:37 -0500

Gary Collins wrote:
> I remember reading somewhere the idea that evolution is "slowing down" in
> the sense that the major body plans were laid down very early, and
> diversification has been within those plans. As time progressed the
> variation became more and more restricted until we find that now not
> a great deal happens except for "trifling losses and gains at the species
> level" (I think that was the expression used - I'm not sure now if the
> statement was that it has already reached that stage, or appears to be
> headed in that sort of direction.) Is that the sort of thing that Robin
> had in mind when he posed the question? What do others think?

It would be profitable to pursue Teilhard's idea that the future of evolution is
to be seen in the coming together of individual humans into a super-personal Body of
Christ (using Paul's image, of course), parallel to the way in which individual cells at
some past epoch developed into multi-cellular organisms.

George L. Murphy