Re: Evolution appears fulfilled

Jonathan Clarke (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 18:18:07 +1100

Robin Mandell wrote:

> I can't help it. Yet another half formed question.
> To me it seems like evolution has reached its goal. Not that change
> ceased or nothing is adapting but more like a general plan has reached

> fulfillment. It's not like I can't imagine anything more it is
> else. Like a great painting you can imagine a hundred additions but
> know it is done. Putting the creation story aside, does observation of
> past and the present look like that to anyone else or am I just
looking at
> this through my prejudice. I feel as if one could observe any of the
> epochs they would "feel" unfinished but this epoch of man seems to be
> symetrical or something. Is this my own trip?

Andrew, I think you are right. from the theological perspective of
Genesis 1,
the presence of intelligent, God-aware, morally responsible creatures
able to
consciously care for the world completes creation. In this sense
has reached its goal. However the final goal of all things has not yet
reached, the revealing of God's sons (Romans 8:19), an event that all
longs for. What this new reality will be like we have no idea, beyond
fact that we will be like the revealed Lord (1 John 3:2).

In Christ