Re: origin of life and such

Jonathan Clarke (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 15:11:07 +1100

Dear all

Robin Mandell :

> Hi George,
> Thanks for the explanation. Just out of curiosity, do you think most
> physicists are as sure of a beginining some say or is it very debated
> still? Do you think
> an oscillating universe is a theological problem?

> Andrew>

Andrew has stated a very important question. Almost all the discussion in this
group focuses on the interaction between scientific and theological accounts of
beginnings. There is almost nothing about the interaction between scientific and
theological ideas about the end. As Robert Russell of CTNS pointed out last
year at a conference I attended in Sydney, the challenges to eschatology (and
relevant Biblical interpretation) raised by cosmology are just as great. The
implications of oscillating universes (if correct) is one of them. I can think
of three more.

How do we integrate the Christian doctrine of hope with the cosmological choice
of freeze or fry?

To what extent was the eschatology of the Bible limited by the world picture of
the writers?

Christians have traditionally expected the end to come next week (if not
before). However, I presume all times are "soon" to God. What if human history
continues for another 1,000 years? What about 10,000 years? What if we continue
for 100,000 years?

I am out of my depth with these issues, but they are both interesting and
important. I will value people's input. It is especially relevant this time of
year when we reflect on what God has done to reconcile all things to Himself.

"God loved the cosmos so much that he sent His only Son...."

In Christ