origin of life and such

Robin Mandell (rmandell@jpusa.chi.il.us)
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 18:38:03 -0600

Hi list.Here are some random ? for anyone interested.Pick one,all,or none
if you are interested.
a) Looking for some opinions on the claim that life cannot have arisen by
I see the argument in many christian books using outrageous odds but
something is
not sitting right with me. I see Hoyle and others quoted on this often.What
do you think?
b) Is the human evo. tree really as confused as some say? Does anyone have
a order of the known species that stands up? I saw a art. in Discover today
that seemed to even concede that the Australopithecine A.Afarensis sequence
is doubtful.The data on this subject is arranged to support or deny evol.
depending on the source. Either someone is misleading or the data is super
c) if neutrinos have mass would that open back up the possibility of a
eternally oscillating universe ( no beginning) or do those two ideas have
nothing to do with each other.
Any discussion on any area here would be helpful.