Re: Apologetics, Genesis, and C S Lewis

Robin Mandell (
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 20:07:16 -0600

At 07:01 PM 12/8/98 +1100, Jonathan Clarke wrote among other things this
response to Moorad concerning the fact that many folks still don't believe in
human evolution,
>The evidence for an evolutionary transformation of humans (as far as I
can tell) is
>as well documented as for any other species. Whether is is abundant
enough to
>conclude "beyond reasonable doubt" is obviously debatable. People have
>criteria for this. There are still a few geocentricists about! If doubt
over the
>palaeontological record is human evolution is the main reason the
>majority of Americans still believe in a Creator" then they are guilty of an
>appalling category error. However, a majority of Americans probably
couldn't find
>Iraq on a blank map of the world and it is unlikely that they are any more
>knowledgeable with respect to epistemology. The opinions of a majority of
>are no more relevant to the issue than that of the majority of Chinese.
surely you don't mean that a informed decision on the issue of human
origins is beyond the comprehension of the man on the street or that the
epistemology of many scientists is any better because that is not my
experience.I know you didn't say just that but something in there seemed
Andrew the commoner