Re: Apologetics, Genesis, and C S Lewis

David Campbell (
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 11:12:10 -0400

Adding to George Murphy's response,
>Jonathan Clarke wrote:
>> Moorad Alexanian wrote (in part) :
>> > Richard Dawkins, famed author of "The Blind Watchmaker," has said that
>> > Darwin made it possible to be an "intellectually fulfilled atheist."
>> People were intellectually fulfilled atheists long before Darwin! What about
>> Lucretius, Hume, and Marx?
> But Marx & Engels were very happy to hear of Darwin's theory because
>thought it gave strong support to their views.
> ..................................

According to the brief review I saw, Dawkins' latest book is arguing that
scientific discovery should add to, rather than detract from our wonder at
the world. Perhaps there is hope that he may realize that this argument
invalidates his philosophical and theological arguments.

Although Marx and Engels claimed to have an evolutionary approach, and some
Marxists claimed to have received Darwin's personal endorsement (the
account of that conversation is disputed), Marxism is contrary to modern
evolutionary theory at the point where it is also self-conflicting. Given
the opportunity to get ahead at the expense of others, people have
consistently done so, and there is no reason from evolutionary theory or
from history to believe that the proletariat is an exception.

David C.