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The following comes from my colleague, Gene Chase, co-author of a
bilbiography of Christianity and mathematics.

Ted Davis

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Ted, since I don't know whether the ASA list is a closed one, and the
questons may be of more interest than just to Ms. Frette, I'd ask you to
forward this to the ASA list. --Gene Chase

*THE* Hilbert biography is by Constance Reid, and is called simply
*THE* Cantor biography is by Joe Dauben, and here's the title etc.:
_Georg Cantor : His Mathematics and Philosophy of the Infinite_,
by Joseph Warren Dauben (paperback published 1990).

--Gene Chase
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Messiah College
Grantham PA 17027

==[forwarded from Ted Davis]==

... on the ASA discussion group.

I would like to read some biographies about physicist Einstein and
mathematicians Cantor and Hilbert.

Are there any biographies about these that are considered to be
THE biography about this person ?

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