RE: The Science of God

Moorad Alexanian (alexanian@UNCWIL.EDU)
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 10:04:54 -0500 (EST)

At 09:36 AM 12/3/98 -0500, Vandergraaf, Chuck wrote:
>You state:
> " As far as I've read, Shroeder is starting with a rather wonderful
>unfolding of Jewish traditional thought (the subjective experience) which,
>from looking at the pictures, I guess will be related to travelling at the
>speed of light for six days equalling the
>> age of the universe. "
> Traveling at the speed of light (km/s) for six days would give you a
>distance, not an age, IMHO.
> Chuck Vandergraaf
> Pinawa, MB

I must say that the title of the book you guys are discussing, "The Science
of God," does not make any sense to me. Perhaps the book does. It reminds me
of what a Christian missionary told me in Mexico when I asked him long ago
what is Christian Science. He told me that it was like grapenut, neither
grape nor nut. Christians who believe God created the physical universe and
all the laws that govern its functioning must realize that God created
"science." What nonsense is this that there is a science of God???? Is
this another flight of fancy of a scientist? When man thinks and reasons
about God he uses more than what I understand by science. Our reasoning
ability goes beyond science.