Re: Scientists reject God

James Mahaffy (
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 18:22:16 -0600

Jonathan Arm wrote:
> I would ask whether there is a cultural bias in the survey. As I look at
> the leadership of CiS, I see a number of FRS. What would be results of
> surveying the Fellows of the Royal Society? Or perhaps this was covered in
> the original text.

But remember the study was of US scientists and there is a distinctly
different flavor to the relation of Science and Christianity in Britain
and the US. There has never been a real strong YEC or quite the same
type of evangelical development in Britain. In some ways a CS Lewis or
a Polkinghorne can be more accepted by the establishment than over
here. To go further would get me beyond my expertise, but I am quite
sure that the different culture and historical differentiation plays an
important role in both how Science and Christianity are harmonized and
the attitudes of scientists toward Christianity. I would dare say there
is a closer similarity with this group ASA and CiS than the lay
evangelicals on the two continents.

And whoever mentioned that some areas make it more difficult to be seen
a Christian is right on. I know the area I am in (paleoecology) is one
that is harder to appear as a Christian and there were other areas at
the University of Illinois like Microbiology that seemed to be crowded
with Christians.

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