Re: The Science of God

Howard J. Van Till (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 14:32:03 -0500

Robert asked:

>Has anyone read the book "The Science of God" (1997 The Free Press) by
>Gerald Schroeder? Gerald is a physicist from MIT and lives in Israel. I
>especially interested in viewpoints in dealing with his reconciliation of
>the days of Genesis using Einstein's relativity equations. He shows the
>million-million factor difference in our perception of time using the CBR
>as the start of the cosmic clock. It appears reasonable geologically but
>want like some input from those members that excel in higher mathematics.

I have only glanced at the book, but it appears to be based on the
(misguided, I believe) assumption that we can and must reconcile a
literalistic reading of early Genesis with modern science, no matter what
the cost in terms of ripping the text out of its original historical,
cultural and theological contexts.

When this forcing of an ancient text to fit modern Western scienctific
expectations is done by a Jewish author I find it no more credible than
when it is done by a Christian. In both cases, I would consider it a
serious violation of the text.

The issues are not mathematical, but hermeneutical.

Howard Van Till