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>At 09:22 AM 12/1/98 -0800, Arthur Chadwick wrote:


>>Leading scientists still reject God
>> snip..snip..
>>However, I suspect more of this difference is due to a lower likelihood
>>of Christians in science achieving "leading" status. Things today are
>>not like they were early in the century when talent and a little hard
>>work could bring a scientist to "leading" status. Now, it tends to take
>>talent, a *lot* of hard work, and often a good amount of self-promotion.
>>Because Christians will (we hope) have other priorities besides worldly
>>success, they will be less likely to exhibit the sort of single-minded,
>>non-humble, workaholic pursuit that tends to be required (there are, of
>>course, exceptions) to make a scientist "leading". My semi-informed
>>guess is that this sort of self-selection is the biggest reason for the
>>disparity in the numbers.

I am inclined to agree. As i spend longer in this business, the harder it
I would ask whether there is a cultural bias in the survey. As I look at
the leadership of CiS, I see a number of FRS. What would be results of
surveying the Fellows of the Royal Society? Or perhaps this was covered in
the original text.

>I would add that I think another factor in the level of unbelief among
>scientists, leading and otherwise, is the hostility toward science in
>much of the Evangelical church. A youngster brought up on ICR propaganda
>is not going to want to join "the enemy" when he or she grows up.
Well, that's another problem - we are regarded as the enemy by both camps!

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