Re: Descendants and Thomas Trap

Gary Collins (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 08:32:57 GMT

Hi Burgy,

> Gary wrote:
> "I would agree with John here. I think of the words that the apostle
> Paul
> wrote to the Galatians (Ch 1 I think) to the effect that if anyone, even
> an angel from heaven should preach to them a gospel differing from that
> which they had already received, may he be eternally condemned. The
> Mormons, and other cults and distorted versions of Christianity which
> rob the cross of its power and elevate men to the position of God must
> surely come under the category of 'another gospel, another Jesus.' "
> I ask you the same question, then, that I asked elsewhere. How do you
> answer if I "write your particular denomination out?" Adventist,
> Catholic, Methodist, etc.?
> All have a somewhat different view, you know, and these views have caused
> men to shed blood over them in the past.
> Burgy
The advantage of being in a different time zone is that I get to see
everyone else's comments before I make my reply! I think some good points
have been made. You are right that there are many denominations all
holding different views, and holding different views doesn't necessarily
mean that they are not Christians. As a matter of fact, I don't hold
all of the views held by my own denomination (!) but I certainly woulnd't
write them off as non-Christian. In my post I referred specifically to
two things: robbing the cross of its power - this IMO includes any
doctrine which teaches that something more than the work of Christ is
essential for salvation. In Paul's time in the Galatian church it was
leaglism that was creeping back in; and elevating men to the position of
God - when I wrote this, I had in mind those who teach that by our faith
we can control and manipulate God himself. It would also encompass those
who teach that we will become Gods. AFAIK none of the mainstream
denominations teach stuff like the latter, though we all have to be very
wary of the former - legalism creeps in so easily!

Also, as someone else pointed out, when someone from the cults uses
biblical words they don't usually understand the same meaning as we
would. And I would add that Jehovah's Witnesses can appear in their
words to be very accommodating of others, but if you invited them to
pray with you they would 'run a mile.' Why? Because they believe that
mainstream Christianity is of the devil. And all the cults basically
believe that they, and only they, are 'the true believers;' all their
nice behaviour is to get people sucked in to their cult. That is not
to say that your 'average' Mormon or JW is insincere - far from it, I
think they are very sincere about what they believe - but deceived. It is
possible to be sincere and wrong. I believe they need to be saved.
A good way of finding out more about these cults is to read testimonies
of people who have been involved with them and later realised that they
had been deceived and come out of the movement.

Best regards,