Re: Descendants and Thomas Trap

John P. McKiness (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 20:20:43 -0600

At 12:25 PM 11/30/98 -0700, you wrote:
>John wrote:
>"I think that if we are to include The Church of Jesus Christ of the
>Day Saints in Christendom we need open the doors to include all religions
>(especially Islam and Judaism)."
>I understand your POV. WRT the above, "we" don't open the doors, God
>Ultimately, it boils down to how one wants to define the word
>In discussing this recently with a friend, he mentioned that over in Utah
>a few years ago their Presbyterian church suffered severe fire damage one
>weekend. Monday morning he had a phone call from the bishop of the local
>Mormon church saying "I have 30 members ready to come over and help you
>clean up. When do you want them?"
>One anecdote does not an argument make, I know. But "by their fruits you
>will know them."
> Burgy

I agree that God opens the door to salvation, but through our common
tradition He also gave us the Apostle's creed as a base. Mormons do not
even come close to it. Christ makes it quite clear that salvation is only
though himself, Mormons think otherwise. Those Mormon "fruits" get them
higher rank in heaven, so please do not compare them to the Amish and
Mennonites which also help their neighbors on a regular basis.

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