Re: Descendants and Thomas Trap

Vince D. Calhoun (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 16:01:01 -0500

Hi Burgy,
I would argue that denominational differences which unfortunately led to
bloodshed (in many cases due to a state sanctioned denomination (but more
fundamentally due to sin)) are on a different order of magnitude than the
differences between Mormon doctrine and Christianity. I don't know if you
are familiar with what the specifics of their teaching are, but as has been
stated by others on the list Christian terms are redefined and even their
very central teachings are contradictory to Christianity. You're right
that it boils down to our definition of Christianity (which we have to be
careful with as I previously stated), but there are some things to which I
can reasonably say "I don't know" and "we may not know", or even "it's
important but not central", but there are also some very fundamental
aspects of Christianity without which one can no longer call it
Christianity honestly. Taking your argument to it's logical extreme one
would have to say that everyone is Christian, they just interact with God
in a different way. Perhaps we need to get into specific Biblical
statements here to clarify for we are sort of talking on a vague level
which so easily leads one astray to pluralism and nihilism unless balanced
by consulting and grounding everything in God's Word.

In Christ,


At 12:19 PM 11/30/98 -0700, John W Burgeson wrote:
>>> If by that you simply mean that they have a false teaching,
>but they can still come to a saving faith I would agree, but if you mean
>that their teaching in fact should be included within the definition of
>Christianity I would disagree there. >>
>I'm of two minds on this.
>Certainly we can agree on your first point.
>One might argue, as some have, that only "my" denomination has
>the correct teachings, and that all the others ought to be excluded. If
>you exclude Mormonism on this basis, how would you argue if I were
>to exclude you? Or you, me? I'm PCUSA; if you are anything else, I'm
>sure there are points where we differ, points which likely led to
>between our ancestors!
> Burgy
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