Re: Glenn's departure.

John W Burgeson (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 12:02:16 -0700

>>If someone wants history in the Bible, especially the early part of
Genesis, then they must provide a scenario. Even those who claim
historicity, do not provide a scenario. Saying it is allegorical removes
it from history. If you can't understand that, we don't speak the same

Yes, Glenn, I understand that.

But you went further than that, saying the only alternative
to a historical Genesis was "an imaginary bible."

All I wish to point out is that there are more than two alternatives.

It is a perfectly rational, respectable and honest position, IMHO, to
claim that the
early Genesis is largely myth, later Genesis and most of the OTOH some
history and some myth, and the NTH mostly history. One with this position
hardly "believes the Bible is imaginary."


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