Re: Glenn's departure.

George Murphy (
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 08:31:05 -0500

Adam Crowl wrote:
> On a more scientific note, who here believes in human evolution and who
> has good reason not to? Doubtless this has been discussed before, but I
> want to take a different approach. Just tell me your views and I'll post
> mine, then we'll see.

Risking a charge of pedantry, I suggest that the phrase "believe in evolution"
should used with caution. I "believe in God" not simply in the sense of thinking that
God exists but of trusting in God. I do not believe in evolution in the same sense. I
think that the theory of biological evolution, including the evolution of humanity, is
an essentially correct description of what has happened to bring about the present
variety of living things. It would probably be accurate to say that Richard Dawkins
"believes in evolution" because its significance for him goes beyond its being a good
scientific theory.

George L. Murphy