Re: Glenn's departure.

Glenn R. Morton (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 19:46:43 -0800

Hi Adam,

At 01:50 PM 11/25/98 PST, Adam Crowl wrote:
>Glenn's leaving will impoverish this list and it's important to
>understand why he's going. We've raised a lot of questions, but I think
>more importantly our insistence on a non-literalistic, non-verifiable
>reading of Genesis has really challenged his presuppositions about truth
>and the form it takes.

I have unsubscribed, but got this note via copy. So before I am dissected,
:-) I would like to explain exactly what struck me while writing my
response to you. I want to make clear that no one has altered my view that
historicity MUST be in Christianity or it is false. But what struck me was
this. Half of Christianity (YECs) offers me an imaginary universe in order
to make the Bible true; the other half offers me an imaginary Bible. If
this is the way the first century Christians behaved and believed, then as
far as I am concerned there is little reason to believe them. They couldn't
distinguish reality from imagination. I don't want an imaginary gospel nor
do I want to have to live in an imaginary universe in order to maintain
some theological belief system. Neither of the above approaches leads to
reality. If the early gospel writers (or the writer of the pentateuch) are
not to be trusted, there simply isn't much worth discussing in the area of
Creation/Evolution or historicity/nonhistoricity.


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